Sammy Singh

Founder, CEO, Accounting

Sammy Singh - The Financial Technology Rockstar, Digital CFO, and Global Entrepreneur

Sammy Singh's Bio:

Sammy Singh (also known as Sam Singh Mehta) founder of CFO Base , Atmosify Shakespeareo and many more business enterprises . Sammy Singh has founded many entrepreneurial ventures and possesses a strong professional, as well as education background focused in financial technology, global taxation, and economics. Sammy’s aptitude came into the spotlight when he took over as the global Chief Financial Officer for the firm CXOsync- a global technology events and collaboration firm connecting the brightest of leaders for events niche specific and tailored toward their niche department seeking actionable insights through networking with other like-minded professionals in industry. When Sammy took over- the firm was in the small business phase, suffering in growth and a lack of direction with having a massive transition and restructure within the firm with how things were previous done. In the short span of 1 year (2016-2017), through his innovation and analysis of each individual department and product divisions- was able to have a history year of a 1089% increase in revenue. This was unheard of and remarkable in industry and made Sammy distinguished amongst his peers as a mover and shaker in industry through the offices of Chief Financial Officer. As CFO, Sammy instituted state of the art blockchain based solutions and cash flow algorithmic function that combined 20 different formulas to yield 4 simplified metrics that he was able to distributed across the offices of CMO, CIO, CISO, CTO, CSO, and CEO- as well as ops and sales for increased data alignment and never before seen synergy amongst departments. He is the chief architect of closed loop reporting data alignment functionality utilizing a simplified approx. across an array of data streams for a fully aligned end point solution taking complex data lakes and creating one unified data stream to provide actionable solutions standardized across the entire organization. Sammy also was the Chief System Architecture and Advisor with CVS Health and worked instrumentally in creating the data functionalities and capture currently seen across every CVS Pharmacy globally with his data analytics passion from the onset of his professional prowess. Sammy possesses an extensive educational background ranging from The Wharton School of Business to The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in the scope of public administration, economics and computer science (DevOps UI/UX); and through this- founded the financial disruptive firm that globally impacted many firms in how financial data was simplified for sales and CMO success with his founding firm- Atmosify Inc. Sammy has currently founded over 15 firms globally and has been involved in advising numerous firms- while currently focusing on his two largest US based enterprises- The Accountant Inc. and CFO Base Inc. An overview of Sammy Singh's skill set would be described as follows:- Detail-oriented professional with an expertise in accounting, business intelligence, digital analytics, cryptocurrency, international taxation, business formation, and marketing analytics. - Experienced C-suite professional with exposure to roles of CMO, CDO, CISO, and CTO - strong leadership skills. - Expert in revenue recognition policies, strategic marketing, domain registration and management, trademark and copyright registration, and cryptocurrency formulation. Proficiency and Educational Background: •Masters of Science in Accountancy (Concentration in Revenue Recognition) •Masters of Business Administration (Concentration in Financial Accounting/ Economics) •Masters in Digital Analytics and Masters of Information Systems (MIS) (Concentration in Big Data Analytics) •Experience with Corporate Tax, International Tax, VAT, Corporate Financial Statements, Corporate Quarterly and Annual filings, F.A.S.B. codifications, G.A.A.P., I.F.R.S., and Public / Private Accounting. •Skilled in Digital Analytics, Closed Loop Analytics, S.E.O. , S.E.M. , C.R.M., and Cloud Based Data Security •Proficient in QuickBooks, Oracle, AS400, and SAP, Salesforce, Adobe, Azure, GitHub, iOS, Android, Ruby on the Rails. •Credentialed in Human Resource Administration, Department of Employment Securities, Vendor/Contractor/ F.T.E./ P.T.E. documentation and payroll taxation. •Dexterous in segmented marketing, strategic marketing, social selling, ROI measurement. •Fixed asset depreciation, sales tax jurisdiction analysis/ V.A.T. insight and disposal expertise • Accomplished in preparation of annual financial statements

Sammy Singh's Experience:

  • Founder, COO at Shakespeareo

    Shakespeareo began it’s work in 2009 as a small group of SEO and IT specialists united by one mission — to make online ranking, competition, and digital presence fair and transparent, with equal opportunities for everyone. After ten years of trailblazing experiments and constant progress, we’ve grown into the world’s leading competitive research service for online marketing. Having traveled the path from a small startup to a big international company, we at Shakespeareo hold true to our fundamental values that got us to where we are now — adapting to change over following a strict plan and always placing individuals over processes. Our vision is to provide effective digital marketing, digital content, and branding strategies for individuals, brands, and companies- regardless of size. We have a proven track record are the best in SEO, SERP, CMO solutions, and increasing search engine rankings. We provide lead capture for local SEO services with branding designs for specific campaigns for engaging sales funnel. This begins the process for sales and marketing data alignment and synergy. We drive revenue to your website by focusing on service areas; local, national, global to get you the most targeted and niche specific SEO solution focused on acquisition via search, social, and content with buying traffic keywords targeted and website pages optimized. We believe in valuable traffic acquisition with demand journalists attention and attract influencers to expand your reach and ultimately, connect your audience with your brand. We custom strategies for any budget. Find out more at today and get your free web audit done by folks who understand SEO and business end point solutions now!

  • Chief Executive Officer, Founder at CFO Base

    The role of the CFO has evolved. The CFO has progressed from an accountant closing the books, to a business partner delivering insights and providing decision support, to what we now call a Value Architect. In this role, the CFO takes on a strategist position as the guardian of the economic value agenda for all major decisions made in the enterprise. As Value Architect, the CFO agenda extends far beyond the traditional finance function to include a wide variety of topics such as the product- and geographic-mix, future ERP and technology strategies, enterprise operating models, and the digitalization of the enterprise. CFOs recognize the importance of technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the finance function and the overall enterprise, as well as to fuel growth and profitability. They often turn to tools such as big data, analytics and digital technology to improve enterprise performance and help guide the business. As Chief Executive Officer of CFO Base, we anticipate and benefit from business and technology trends, and design innovative enterprise operating model strategies. We improve the ability to organize, integrate and analyze a wide range of information to deliver sustainable high performance planning, forecasting and reporting solutions based on leading technology. We work with our clients to develop new methods to evaluate and manage digital and other investments. We bring deep industry expertise, a global perspective, an extensive technology heritage and cutting-edge digital capabilities to address the broader CFO agenda. Our CFO & Enterprise Value practice is recognized as a thought leader on the changing role of the CFO. Building on 10 years of research, our latest High Performance Finance report delivers key insights into the challenges that finance leaders face, and how the CFO is adapting to digital technologies and new growth models. We guide biz, entrepreneurs, and CFOs in comprehensive business management success.

  • Founder, CEO at The Accountant

    Founder, Chief Executive Officer of The Accountant- a global accounting, finance, digital strategy, and tax solutions consultancy. We believe in the narrative that numbers tell- as their is always more to a business and brand story than just qualitative data. The Accountant provides services to businesses and brands of any size based on specific service and industry request by delivering expeditious and simplified solutions for guaranteed client success. The Accountant has over 15 years of experience in Finance, Accounting or Bookkeeping, Technology, Financial technology, financial accounting, and Tax Preparation as the sole well-versed tax accountant and financial solution professional for revenue maximization and problem solving. We are all about results that are simplified and fast for our clients to limit the stress associated with three letters: I.R.S. Our CEO and Founder, Sam Singh is a graduate from Wharton University and UCLA and possess countless years of experience as a digital CFO and corporate CFO of global enterprises, as well as a tax consultant for firms such as Goldman Sachs, IASB, Google, IFRS, Interpol, and Department of Homeland Security. We have done financials and accounting reporting for over 500 clients ranging from individuals, public and private corporations, system architecture build for Fortune 20 tech firms, and white collar legal representation. Our CEO and Founder, Sam Singh is a graduate from Wharton University and UCLA and possess countless years of experience as a digital CFO and corporate CFO of global enterprises, as well as a tax consultant for firms such as Goldman Sachs, IASB, Google, IFRS, Interpol, and Department of Homeland Security. Choose The Accountant and have the most comprehensive global solution in accounting and finance with turnkey technology solutions and intimate specialized client care.

  • Chief Executive Officer, Founder at Atmosify

    Simplifying complex data with our pipeline synergy solution which aligns data for closed loop reporting success. We take multiple stream of complex data feeds for a single narrative of insights specific to your business objective that aligns your internal staff by increasing synergy and efficient collaboration. Atmosify is data synergy for CMO, CFO, sales, marketing, and key business decision makers. Atmosify believes in standardization. Our system provides metrics with our partners data to determine how a business, a brand, or an individual is performing for their goal and how this will be improved using our data synergy system. Our platform aligns all data into 1 simple centralized hub where synergy happens and all data in the form of media, finance, operations, tax, and marketing are connected for a single solution for business success. Our mission is simplifying the numbers for a unified, single narrative that tells your story with a happily ever after solution. We are your launch pad that targets a successful atmosphere for your vision by providing a comprehensive solution using all types of data relevant to you and providing unified strategy and single narrative solution that results in a net positive in all aspects of this data aligned with your vision. Visit us at and also connect with us on social media at: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Pintrest: Medium:

  • Chief Financial Officer at CXOsync LLC

    As Chief Financial Officer, I am responsible for developing strategy for our organization's financial goals, overseeing the investment of funds and manage associated risks, assess cash management activities, execution of capital-raising strategies to support a firm's expansion, act as financial gatekeeper while handling preparation of the annual budget and managing taxation related enterprise solutions. CXOsync empowers leadership one community at a time delivering thought-leading events to connect global CIO's, CMO's, CISO's and CFO's. With a shared vision and passion for knowledge our attendees empower one another through inspiring conversation under the umbrella of local thought leaders. Unprecedented networking opportunities with local leaders that will share their knowledge, experience, and insights for years to come. The family of CXOsync programs include for IT security leaders, for IT leaders, for Marketing leaders and for Financial leaders. Through our events enterprise leaders are equipped with a local network of contacts that face the same daily hurdles, while our panel of CXO's share tactics to include Personal Branding, Building an External Network, and managing in a down economy - beyond cost cutting to adding business value. Participating CXO's are from the likes of Apple, Affymetric, Symantec, TiVo, Palm, Magellan, Cost Plus World Market, VISA, KLA-Tencor, Walmart, JDSU, Adobe, Savi, Applied Biosystems, American Express, Discover, Allstate, & ComPsych among many more. Our partnering organizations have included IBM, HP, Kognitio, Vidyo, CheckPoint Software, Genpact, Centrify,, and Phishme among 100's more. Time to leave the rest and sponsor the best! See for yourself why CXOsync is disrupting the events industry - Listen to the sponsors. - See the list of our CIOpanel members -

  • Chief Marketing Officer, CMO at CMO Market

    Oversee all marketing operations of the company and develop its marketing strategy and vision. I am in charge of a team of enthusiastic marketing professionals and direct our marketing efforts towards great success. As CMO I am passionate for the profession and have great knowledge for all things marketing. I balance a practical mindset with a creative business acumen and lead people through complex marketing operations. In the past, the CMO would only need to handle ad campaigns and traditional communications, but the role is evolving, and as today's CMO- I focus on being able to show real business results and infuse the whole operation with a consistent brand identity and focus on the message. I focus on alignment and synergy across the CXO for greater results. The goal is to ensure the company’s marketing efforts are successful in helping it outperform competition. Responsibilities: - “Listen” to the trends of the market and direct the market research efforts of the company - Liaise with other departments to guide a unified approach to customer service, distribution etc. that meets market demands - Define marketing strategies to support the company’s overall strategies and objectives - Develop a feasible marketing plan for the department and oversee its day-to-day implementation - Plan and organize marketing functions and operations (product development, branding, communications etc.), and ensure they project the company’s unique “voice” - Design and coordinate promotional campaigns, PR and other marketing efforts across channels (digital, press etc.) - Build a highly efficient team of marketing professionals - Create a solid network of strategic partnerships

  • Senior Financial Analyst, FPNA- Advisor at CVS Health

    Responsible for financial reporting and accounting conducted via Microsoft Excel after looking at data pulled from AS400 using SQL-like querying and used this data to match up with logs present in SAP to confirm all accounts were paid and monthly aging was for amounts that were indeed waiting to be collected and not already accounted for. Manufactured data metrics for internal reporting via AS400, RxClaim, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access; as well as G/L analytics via ERP systems. Financial reporting and accounting figures produced via Microsoft Excel after looking at data pulled from AS400 using SQL-like querying. Data was then confirmed with logs present in SAP. Utilized SQL-like querying within AS400 to export to Microsoft Excel in order to create spreadsheet for data mining. Pivot tables designed after utilizing vlookup and other formulas in Excel to show financial impact of data set. Verified details of transactions, including funds received and total account balances. Surveyed performance guarantee metrics to orchestrate monthly, as well as quarterly, and annual reporting. Investigated SalesForce to procure account management information, assign/organize tasks, and relegate these tasks to team members. Analyzed cost control and provided timely financial information to support corporate goals. Increased efficiency and alleviated work loads by creating a new Excel financial recording system. Stack: Java, CVS, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SDLC, Requirements Analysis, MySQL, Unix, jQuery, JSP, Hibernate, Java Enterprise Edition, Eclipse, Tomcat, Linux

  • SVP- Finance at LabPro Inc.

    Consolidated recording of accounting data for multiple vendors, currencies, charts of accounts, reporting standards, and industry requirements for accounting spreadsheets and financial close. SAP surveyed to centralize resources such as: payroll, human resources, customer relationship management, sales, material handling and supply chain. Managed accounting operations, accounting close, account reporting and reconciliations. Investigated balance sheets and statement of cash flows to understand the financial impact of business and to confirm what the firm owns (its assets) is purchased by either what it owes (its liabilities) or by what its owners invest (its shareholders equity or capital). Presented this reporting to ownership and shareholders on a monthly basis. Revamped accounting quality system to prepare for important audits. Coordinated approval processes of all accounts payable invoices. Rectified escalated accounts payable issues from employees and vendors. Analyzed Microsoft Excel and G/L logs to validate that the transaction analysis model was followed by the corporate strategy. The owners equity equated to show that the contributed capital plus the retained earnings yielded a favorable cash flow for ownership equity. Regulated operational components such as customer service (satisfaction surveys, first call resolution metrics, metric measurement), accounting/ financial statements (income statements- multiple step, balance sheets, cash flow statements, statements of comprehensive income, etc.), and G/L components. Initiated an income and expense flux analysis for the first working day of the month that provided for early identification and correction of posting errors. Efforts contributed to accelerating the month-end close to the tenth calendar day of every month.

  • Vice President- Finance at Orion's Mind

    SAP used to provide real-time information, reducing the possibility of redundancy errors for information. Utilized low cost business model strategy. Spearheaded ERP software integration and training. Investigated and resolved discrepancies in monthly bank accounts while under tight deadlines. Collaborated extensively with auditors during preliminary and year-end audit processes. Performed debit, credit, and total accounts on computer spreadsheets/databases, using specialized accounting software such as QuickBooks and Great Plains. Completed monthly, quarterly and annual bank reconciliations for 11 small companies. Processed bank reconciliations and financial reports to verify practice of proper due diligence. Met with individual department heads to understand how they wanted to receive their budget to actual information and defined reports that met their needs. Resulted in increased use of reports and quicker decision maker attention to variances. Set up budget to actual reports as specifically requested by department heads. Assigned to work with purchasing as a single point of contact with accounting. Automated preparation of three “shadow system” reports that had previously required 10 hours of staff time per week

Sammy Singh's Education:

  • University of California- Los Angeles

    Masters in Information Systems
    Concentration: Big Data, IoT, Cyber Security
    Activities: Protection of assets across all levels of technology and the core components that support that technology. Focus on analysis of hacking methodology and how to create a functioning IT Infrastructure program, whether large or small, including change management scenarios and how to approach daily business security issues from an IT perspective to mitigate concerns of IT security not recognizing a profit center since no reported breach. Concentration of Big Data Analytics, Closed Loop Marketing, and Digital Analytics.
  • The Wharton School of Business

    Masters in Public Administration
    Concentration: Economics and Public Policy
    Activities: Studied administrative responsibility in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. The program’s curriculum was geared to develop skills as a future leader in the field of international development. The Master in Public Administration/International Development (MPA / ID) was an economics-centered, multidisciplinary program, combining analytical and quantitative methods with an emphasis on policy and practice. My curriculum was focused in management, finance, data analysis, and politics and provided the framework for tackling today’s challenges and the flexibility to move between sectors. Several core classes were taken during my tenure here which covered the fundamental competencies needed for effective public management for purposeful leadership in government, nonprofit organizations, and private firms to better serve the public interest.
  • Benedictine University

    Activities: - Corporate Taxation coursework - Focus on changes of Accounting Standards - Conference on Advanced Cost Accounting - Specialized Industry GAAP coursework - Coursework in Revenue Recognition Standards - Emphasis in Finance and Financial Accounting - Legal Concepts with Tax Analysis seminar - Coursework in International Finance - Coursework in Statistics and Microeconomics - Coursework in International Business - Coursework in Business Administration
  • Loyola University of Chicago

    Bachelors of Science (B.S.)
    Concentration: Accounting and Finance Double Major
    Activities: - Financial Management Association - National Honor Society member - Graduated Summa Cum Laude - GPA: 3.64 - Student government representative - Conference on Advanced Cost Accounting - Microsoft Office Applications Certificate - Coursework in Human Resource Management - Coursework in Business Administration - Completed 2 high profile internships

Sammy Singh's Interests & Activities:

Technology, Finance, Accounting, Business Start-Ups, Digital Solutions, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Financial Technology, Accounting Applications, App Development, DevOps, Venture Capital, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Founders